Hawk-Eye | The Eyes of the DRS

Hawk-Eye: Hawk-Eye is a complex computer system. It’s used officially in numerous sports such as cricket, tennis and football. It visually tracks the trajectory of...

drs review system, Cricvision

DRS | A Blessing or a Curse

DRS: DRS (Umpire Decision Review System) is a technology-based system used in cricket. At first the system was introduced in Test cricket. The purpose was...

IPL tickets online for finals

IPL tickets online for finals: IPL tickets online for finals are available here. Online booking details for IPL tickets online for finals are placed here. The venue...

Point Table IPL 7

Point Table IPL 7

Point Table: point table Here is the point table of IPL7. The point table shows the positions of the teams with number of matches, win,...

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