Top 5 Cricket Games for Android Smartphones/ Tablets

Top 5 Cricket Games for Android Smartphones/ Tablets:

Cricket is a religion in our country. It doesn’t matter whether you are a 10 year old boy or a 70 year old man; the passion for this game is simply irresistible. So, if you are a Die-hard cricket fan, this Top 5 cricket games for android Smartphones/ Tablets list is for you. The following post will help you to know the current top 5 Cricket games for your Android smart phone. The Top 5 cricket Games for Android have been chosen on the basis of the reality of the Game, User Experience and rating by users. Enjoy!!!

1. Stick Cricket (4.4/5):

This is the world’s most popular cricket game. The catch of this game is that it’s Easy to play and yet hard to master. This game deserves the first place of list of “Top 5 Cricket Games for Android Smartphones/ Tablets”.

Stick Cricket offers:

  • Cricvision Stick Cricket16 team fights in Bangladesh in a superfast 2-over tournament.
  • A Stick Cricket master can successfully unlock and conquer all 14 countries on the route to World Domination.
  • Play for your country against the greats in All Star Team.
  • The most wanted trophy in cricket is for available when you unlock this mode.
  • Play against your friends via Bluetooth in the ultimate battle.
  • Set yourself in a practice session or take a skill test to improve your technique.
  • You can track all the records you have made.

Download Stick Cricket android game

2. Cricket T20 Fever 3D (4.2/5):

This is the best cricket game in full HD 3D graphics. You can play all types of modes including Tournaments, ODIs, T20s and the Power play style match.

Cricket T20 Fever 3D Full Game offers:

  • Full 3D graphics with real, life like animations and ball physics.Cricvision Cricket T20 Fever 3D
  • A variety of MOCAP animations.
  • Simple controls for batting & bowling.
  • Six iconic venues including Lords & Eden Gardens.
  • Multiple game modes including Quick Match, ODI, Twenty 20 and the Trophy 2009.
  • A new unique Power play batting mode.
  • TV Broadcast style cameras.
  • Cheerleader’s dancing at shots and wickets.

Download Cricket T20 fever 3D android game here

3. World Cricket Championship Lt (4.2/5):

World Cricket Championship comes third in the list including three modes of the most exciting cricket games in the world:

  • World Cricket Championship.
  • World Premier League.
  • Fantasy Cricket League.

World Cricket Championship Lt offers:Cricvision World Cricket Championship Lt

  • Challenge a Friend with Multiplayer mode.
  • Five-over ‘Quick Play’ matches.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Create your own team with friends.
  • Power-ups in Fantasy Cricket League.
  • High quality graphics and life like 3D characters.
  • Multiple cameras and follow through camera movements.
  • Ultra slow motion shots for sixes.
  • Action Replay.
  • Professional commentary.

Download World Cricket Championship Lt android game here

4. Beach Cricket (4.2/5):

This is different version of Cricket which is ‘Beach Cricket’.

Beach Cricket offers:Cricvision Beach Cricket

  • New flavor with the sun, sand and the sea.
  • The usual 11 players for your team.
  • Fixed batsmen but option with the bowlers.
  • After winning the toss you can choose to bat or bowl first.
  • After finishing one game you can start another.
  • You can play a 5 over match.

Download Beach Cricket android game here

5. Cricket WorldCup Fever (4.1/5):

Cricket WorldCup Fever is one of the most complete cricket games for Android Phone. Play for your favourite cricket team in 4 exciting modes:

  • Quick Match.
  • Power play.
  • World Cup.
  • Pass-N-Play.

Cricket WorldCup Fever offers:

  • Experience cricket in “Full HD” graphics, high quality 3d characters and stadiums.
  • Test match mode with ‘mini-innings’ where you can choose from 9, 12, 15 overs per day, with test match rules and regulations.
  • Fully Dynamic Fielding, showcased in Motion captured animations.Cricvision Cricket WorldCup Fever
  • User controlled batting & bowling order.
  • 14 teams, 6 stadiums with 3 difficulty modes.
  • Ball-by-ball and Complete Scoreboard Analysis.
  • Simple play controls for batting & bowling.
  • TV Broadcast style cameras.
  • Replay mode.

Download Cricket World Cup Fever android game here:

I hope you like the list. Try all the games to choose your favorite one. Do comment and check out more of my blogs. Have fun!

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Top 5 Cricket Games for Android Smartphones/ Tablets

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